If you would like me to guide you through all of the stuff that actually works without too much sweat, let me show you how to do it for your own website. I guarantee that you will get on the first page in the top twenty positions for an important three to four word search phrase for your industry. For a very small investment each month that will make your website more popular you will get;

  1. A professional report detailing what you need to do so your web site is ready to submit to the important search engines and directories.
  2. Submission of your website to the directories that matter CORRECTLY. These include,,, and thirty other important directories and search engines. .
  3. I will tell you important things you MUST do, and the things you SHOULDN’T do to get to the top of the rankings!
  4. How to create killer tactics to whop the opposition!

This is where I’ll show you how it to do it in plain English.

A Make your website search engine ready, with just the right amount of key words and phrases (too much will get you banned as spam). Get your title and tags just right after looking at what your competition is doing.

B How to get loads of important content added to your site. I’ll show you how to get more relevant and keyword-rich content than your competitors -preferably doubling theirs.

C Get important sites to link back to yours by use of article submissions and press releases.

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We don’t make promises we can’t keep. Every search engine makes its own decisions about what pages to index and how to rank and display them, it’s both impossible and unethical to guarantee specific results. Services that make such promises are either being untruthful or using methods that search engines prohibit, such as “cloaking.” These tactics can get your site blacklisted and banned forever.

How Long Does it Take to Get Listed?
Here’s the length of time it currently takes to get listed at each of the major search engines once you have submitted your web page.

  • Google – Up to 3 months
  • Yahoo – Up to two months
  • MSN Up to two months
  • Hot Bot – Up to two months
  • Excite – Up to two months
  • Alta vista – Up to one month
  • Fast – Up to one month

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