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Everywhere you go on the web you hear how important link popularity is to when it comes to search engine ranking.

Which is true. Assuming you tie with another site when it comes to on-page optimization the site with the most links from unique domains wins.

Ideally you want to build links in a natural way. The kicker in that statement is the word “natural”.

Natural means building slowly over time. With varying link text. From a variety of sites. Getting links from like directories, articles you’ve syndicated plus reciprocal links.

What isn’t natural is a burst of hundreds of links from one site. Such “run of site” links are something to be avoided at all costs since Google can sandbox you or worse when it detects this.

Unfortunately there is no short cut when it comes to links. Even though the process is simple.

Step 1: You want to initially get any links you can to build your PR so your site is attractive to link partners.

Step 2: Then you want to get links from as many niche and related sites as you can – regardless of PR.

That’s right. For me the only use for PR is to attract links. I have no doubts about how little PR plays into Google’s ranking algorithm. And we know it has no affect with Yahoo and MSN. But the lack of visible PR will hamper your ability to get links.

The idea is to have such an attractive site and to offer so much PR in a link that the webmaster of those PR 3 sites practically break their arm accepting your offer to swap links. Or better still swap content. Either of which can lead to more traffic for your site.

This is why link popularity is important when it comes to higher rankings in search engines.

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