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Friends of mine have been sending me links to an ad for yet another “get rich quick” scheme online that seemed too good to be true.  Guess what?  It is.

The ad itself looked scammy, but could fool a lot of people into taking hard earned money out of their pockets, so I thought I’d check it out.

It’s not hard really.  If you have doubts about any scheme or system that looks shonky, just do a Google search on it ending in “scam” or “rip-off” etc.

I found a great article on this topic by Rob Scott.  He says:

      “Absolutely, the biggest crock I’ve read in a long time. This site has it all:
  1. the ridiculous testimonials, using stock photos and use of “cool” phrases e.g. “cuz its great!” etc.
  2. It’s really, really, really long.  That’s not to say all sales letters are spammy just because they are long, but it’s a red flag.
  3. They have disclaimers or notices pertaining to the fact that you will not actually get anything for your money other than a piece of advice
  4. Links to sign up for the “newsletter”
  5. Rock solid money back guarantee
  6. Huge affiliate commissions so that you can dupe suckers of your own

This is what Get Google Ads Free will actually give you:
An ebook.

That’s it. Ok, so what is in the ebook? Great advice on how to get millions of dollars worth of Google Ads advertising for nothing? No way is it free! Here’s the system:

  • You select as many popular keywords as you like;
  • You bid the highest possible price for all of them (getting you to number 1 for each of them);
  • You fill that webpage with advertising and affiliate links which will make you money.

That is all there is to the Free Google Ads “system”.

Forgive my ignorance, but surely that is not free! In fact, that is the whole premise – they aren’t actually FREE, you pay for them, but they are as good as free because of all the lovely cash you’ll be earning. What bollocks. What about all the countless people who click onto your site, and sooner or later, realise that it is just full of bulls**t that they don’t need or want to read. They go elsewhere, yet you’ve spent $2 or more for them to visit.

A completely backwards and ridiculous pyramid style scheme. Where’s the pyramid? Well, because the genius who invented this foolproof scheme to sink all your money tells you that a great way to boost the income of your site  is to promote the Get Google Ads Free site yourself, for a huge commission.

That would be right. I pay top bids for all competitive keywords, and get more dupes to part with their money. Do you see the pyramid developing here? Then, if any of those nutcases signs up, they do the same.”

Lets put an end to this stupid scheme, by doing the following things:
Report any scheme like this to the if you reside in the USA, or Departments of Fair Trading in Australia and say that it is a scam, by describing the above;

If you use Adsense, block all similar sites;

Stick a link up to this page using this link code <a href=””>Free Google Ads Scam</a> ”

or similar, so that anyone else who may be considering this stupid scheme will see that it a scam so that they won’t lose their money or encourage others to.

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