Business Directory Submission

Business Directory Submission

– Online Advertising vs Yellow Pages & Other Offline Mediums

By Bruce Gow, Australian Search Engine Optimisation Expert 

I believe that if Australians are now spending an average of 18 hours on the internet each week, and only 2 hours reading newspapers, the print media is dying a slow death. While conducting seminars, I often ask my audience how many of you used the Yellow Pages today?  Usually no-one, or just a solitary hand goes up.  I then say, “keep your hands up if you used it this week”.  Then I go to, “this month”?

In a group of around 50 people, only around 2 or 3 hands are left up in the air.

When I ask the same questions to the same group about searching Google, over half the hands go up for using it on the day, and practically the whole room has their hands up by the end of the questioning.  So what does this mean?  Its obvious that your marketing dollar is better spent on the medium that is capturing the most attention.

How Much Does it Cost?

Growing your business online costs a lot less than you would imagine.  I recommend advertising on the free and paid inclusion directories that deliver the most relevant traffic and preferably pass on Google Page Rank (PR).

The most important places to advertise your business online are in business directories.  Website submission is available  in both free and paid listings.

The Yahoo Directory is one of the most expensive at $US299 but is placed in a relevant category by a human editor.  Being listed there gets you lots of links back to your site and also traffic as people still search there.  Other directories you can expect to pay from $65 pa to $US299.95  for one of the oldest and best online  business directories Best of the Web (BOTW)

BOTW has a choice of either a Annually Recurring Charge – US $149.95 or a One-Time Only Charge – US $299.95

Local & international business directories that I use for myself and my clients are as listed below;

Best Paid Listings or Paid Inclusion Directories Yahoo Directory

Submit to BOTW $69 (Yearly Fee) or  $199 (One Time Fee) – 48 hrs Review and inclusion

Best for Trades & Services $169 pa $66 pa standard or $132 enhanced (recommended) $440 pa

This list of business directories is by no means the only ones that you should submit your website.  Try out someFree Australian Directories

Search for your own in Google by using keyword phrases such as; (insert keyword) Directory, (insert keyword) Directories, (insert keyword) Business Directory, (insert keyword) Online Directory, etc.  So for my pest control business, I would search Google using phrases like these;

Pest Control Directory, Pest Control Directories, Pest Control Business Directory, Pest Control Online Directory

For a free assessment of your website and to find out what terms people are using every day to find your products and services, call Bruce Gow on 0417 251 911 or email him at DeliciousBookmark this on Delicious Bookmark and Share

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