100 Best Advertising Headlines
Here are 100 of my best advertising headlines.  You can use them to create your own templates to generate leads and interest to your websites and landing pages.  Enjoy! 

50 Best Facebook Fan Pages
Here are what I consider to be the best 2010 Facebook fan pages.  Let me know if I can launch or fix your Facebook fan pages.  Videos available for DIY fans.

Anchor Text
The keywords in anchor text enhance the relevance of the target page pertaining to the keywords used. While the relevance of the page containing the anchor text is also enhanced to some degree (because of relevant keywords appearing on that page), the real gainer is the target page URL. Use this knowledge to build the relevance of each page of your site, through optimized anchor text containing important keywords, relevant to the theme of such pages, from other pages of your site.

Article Submission
Creating articles for syndication, then submitting them is an excellent way to gain business leads and visibility for your website. This type of networking has several advantages and these, plus much, much more, are outlined in this article.

Australian Search Engines
Large list of Australian search engines and directories.  Let us know if you know of others not on this list

Australian Search Engine Submission
The websites in this article have free or low cost Australian links to add to your sites by simply completing a submission form.

Directory Submission
The best paid directories to submit your site to in order to grow your business in Australia

Free Australian Directories
These Australian directories have great traffic and link popularity to add to your site.  Most also pass on Google PageRank

Free Google Ads Thinking about buying an e-book on how to get free Google Ads?  Too good to be true?

Google Keyword Tool
Google have added an important new feature to their keyword suggestion tool

Google Ranking Factors
In my opinion, these are Google’s most important ranking factors. Most accredited and established SEOs would agree that these work best in Search Engine Optimisation efforts

Google Website Optimizer
Google’s new tool in Google Adwords shows you how to increase your conversions and R.O.I. (Return on Investment)

Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing 101.  A basic introduction to Internet Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Internet Marketing Guide
This article will show you quickly what to do to grow your business online

Link Popularity
Everywhere you go on the web you hear how important link popularity is to when it comes to search engine ranking. Which is true. Assuming you tie with another site when it comes to on-page optimization the site with the most links from unique domains wins. Ideally you want to build links in a natural way. The kicker in that statement is the word “natural”.

List of Video Directories
This is my list of the best videos to submit your websites too, all in alphabetic order!

Outsource Graphic Design?
Instead of having a graphics department or using a marketing agency where promotions may run behind schedule and cost exceed your budget, your organisation might decide to outsource its art work to another company specialising in graphic design

Paid Directories
The best paid directories on the web.  If you want plenty of focussed traffic and are willing to pay for it, consider this list.  Rated by page strength and PR passed

Pest Control Origins
Origins and history of the “Search Engine Guy”

Pest Control and other resources

These are a few of my favourite resources.  Under House and Garden you will find all of my sites, the rest are the best of my sister’s sites, Jenny Jordan. Enjoy!

Search Engine Marketing Jobs
Article by Kalena Jordan about the jobs in the search industry that can be unbelievably lucrative and satisfying.

Search Engine Optimisation Glossary
A list of commonly used words and phrases and their simple, down-to-earth meanings.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist
A search engine optimization specialist is a person who gets results that pay off. It’s not all about getting top rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN, it’s about making money online for the client.

Are you sick and tired of wading through searches on the web, trying to find someone that not only gets fast results, but is affordable? Read on, I think I have the answer for you!

Search Engine Optimisation Strategies
5 Strategies to “Recession Proof” your business online

Social Bookmarking
In a social bookmarking system, users store lists of Internet resources (read bookmarks) that they find useful.

The Trent Plan
A memory system developed to drastically reduce study time, remember dates, numbers, names and speeches – even verbatim!

TwitterHow to Make Money From Twitter and Some Cool Twitter Tools and Apps

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