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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by a Google Adwords Qualified Professional,combining Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) services.  I can help you save time & money by teaching you basic & advanced search engine optimization strategies in your own office.   See also how I can protect your Online Reputation Management

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Are you sick & tired of wading through Google, looking for companies that are both affordable & get measurable results for your internet marketing? Do you want great search engine rankings to bring in online leads via your website? Well, my friend your search is over!

I can show you all the shortcuts, SEO “secret” tips  to get you to the top of the sponsored rankings in one day, without wasting your hard-earned money.  Your competition won’t know what hit them!   Want great fresh content for your site?  I strongly recommend Leonie George from www.articlewriters.com.au for all your SEO Copywriting requirements.

To find out more, contact us today & have a chat to a true search engine optimization specialist. I don’t charge for a chat, and won’t try and confuse you with big words or geeky terms.

What separates us from most of the other SEO firms? We come to you and teach you the “bare bones” of how to rank well with all of your important keyword phrases.  This is on the organic (free) side of Google PLUS effective use of Adwords coaching, working live on your own website.      

I have taught many web developers website promotion without fear of feeding the competition.  How many websites are out there right now? 😉

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Google have allowed us to use a very valuable Google Keyword Tool to find out exactly what people are typing into Google to find your products and services.   Also see what people are paying on PPC and what Google thinks of your own website!

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 I can turn your website from being just an expensive “electronic brochure” into a lead generating machine, bringing new clients daily to your doorstep.

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which ones have the best links, traffic, and which are also quite FREE!

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As a Google Adwords Professional, I can now get you started with a free Adwords voucher to the value of $130. By the way, less than 30 SEO individuals here have passed Google’s rigorous exam.  See the GAP list here: Who Is A GAP Why would you trust anyone to manage your account without this vital qualification?  See our page on Bruce Clay’s SEO Training at which I successfully completed a 3 day course.  Thinking about buying an e-book on how to get Free Google Ads?  Don’t waste any money on this scam!

We specialise in Article Submission, Press Releases, Social Bookmarking and how to get “free” or organic Search Engine Optimisation.

Search engine submission  is a free service that we provide to all of our clients to gain focussed on-line traffic. We submit your website to all of the free sites that matter, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and DMOZ.org, according to their guidelines to get the best internet marketing results for your firm.

You will be advised by us in plain English what you need to do to get great results for your firm at a fair price.

Latest update on Google’s new algorithm, “Caffeine” from Google’s own search engine optimisation Guru, software engineer, Matt Cutts:

So you know you have to do something to catch up to your competitors and finding it hard to get started? Email me atbruce@searchengine-guy.com.au  for some free tips! We can even write articles for you to edit and submit them to article submission web sites. This will get you a stack of one way links and new pages to add to your site, with none of the spam that comes from the old “We’ll submit your site to 50,000 search engines” rubbish! Click here for our rates:internet marketing strategy
, you may want to visit our SEO FAQs or some Search Engine Marketing FAQs My recommendation for all internet marketing firms is IBP

Our site is now finally working on the Internet.  We are now No 1 in Google for  “Custom Made Furniture” which is the core keyword for our business.  At  Harry Howard’s store we have sold over $100,000 of furniture strictly from the internet.  Bruce has only been working on it for 6 months and we had no results previously.  We are over the moon with the results.
Rose-Marie Templeton  of Harry Howard’s
Custom Made Furniture ‘Bruce has us at No 1 on Google, Yahoo and MSN for our most profitable phrases “Criminal Lawyer,” “DUI Lawyer” & even just “Criminal Lawyers” we are on the first page!’
Peter Proctor (Criminal Lawyer) – Proctor & Associates
We are now booked up to 6 months ahead with loads of high end client work with our fitout business. Bruce has brought us to Page 1 on Google for just “fitouts” amongst many other top search results that relate to our firm. I’ve even had to close down my Adwords account because I couldn’t keep up!
Todd Porter Builtrite Constructions

‘We are the No.1 ranking pest control company in Google with the term “Termite Control Sydney”, which is a very sought after term in our industry. ‘Pest Control Sydney ‘ is another keyword phrase that we get attention in all the  major search engines. We now absolutely dominate the pest control industry. Bruce is our biggest online asset.”
Rudy Tschaut – All Guard Pest Control

Our scientific supply firm is now No 1 on Google for ‘Laboratory Supplies,’ ‘Scientific Supplies’, and many more consumables to the Australian scientific community, thanks to Bruce.
Moira Van Rooyen, HD Scientific Supplies Pty Ltd

See more happy clients here: SEO Testimonials

Have a look at two of my best software recommendations, Instant Article Factory and The Best Spinner author, the brilliant internet marketing genius, Jonathon Ledger

Instant Article Factory

Search Engine Optimisation

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Search Engine Marketing firms employ experts who explore weaknesses and strengths in competing websites to find the best ways to promote a particular web site in search engines.

In Australia, online purchasing is already up 43% in 2011 and online advertising is expected to grow more than 30% this year.  See DealBoard on Facebook andwww.dealboardreviews.com.au for examples of online retailers.

This website is dedicated to Google tips for S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization, or optimisation) and Google page ranking, techniques, tricks, hints, tips or whatever you need to get the best possible exposure for your website.

Q. How Effective is Internet Marketing?
A:  A web site optimisation firm implementing an effective internet marketing strategy provides one of the best returns on investment in comparison to most other forms of marketing. This can be seen in the latest Bureau of Verification Services figures on Internet Usage Statistics, which show online as the fastest growing media sector and paid search the fastest growing of the online categories. According to it’s latest survey, the online market grew more than six times faster than the overall ad market.

Latest News! Google Overtakes Sensis As Top Digital Earner With 108% Growth. Awareness of search engine optimisation has seen an increase in market spending.

GOOGLE has become the biggest earner in Australia’s digital marketing industry, increasing its paid search revenue to $206 million during 2006 – an increase of 108% over the previous year.

By the way, did you know the Trading Post newspaper has failed to compete online and is now finished?  The Yellow Pages book will soon follow if the trends continue – and they will!Trading Post

A special internet edition of BRW Magazine, in which this estimate has been made, also reveals that eight million Australians – or 76% of the online audience – now use Google every month. I often wonder how many people are using paper advertising directories nowadays to find products and services?  I haven’t used the Yellow Pages book for over 2 years now, and I expect a lot of other people wouldn’t bother either.

– Growth in the online advertising sector, has seen spending increase every yearYet it’s much, much more cost effective than Yellow Pages, TV, radio or newspapers!  Search Engine Optimisation is clearly not only more effective, its also more economical to use as a marketing  strategy.

Remember this very important statement:
If you aren’t showing up online when people are searching for your products and services, then your competitors are getting the lion’s share of leads, that should be going to YOU’!

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I have been using IBP for over 7 years now and still think its the best on the market.  I have trialled others and researched all of the SEO forums looking for something better, but nothing beats this all-in-one search engine optimisation package.  I use the Top Ten Optimizer to check what the competition is doing, so I can find out what I need to do for my clients.  The new version has an extremely effective keyword tool that has the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index). – Bruce Gow, Internet Marketing & Google Adwords Professional.

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website design software

I strongly recommend the above website authoring programme to anyone that wants to build professional looking websites fast.  They will also have loads of SEO capabilities!

Check out the latest way to get heaps of traffic in 2013.  This is how to grab traffic and rankings after the Penguin and Panda algos:

2013 Complete Guide to Traffic